Countdown to Leipzig!

Very soon I will be embarking on a (temporary) trip to Leipzig to pick out housing for our 3 year stint in Germany! I’m so excited to experience my own version of House Hunters International. I can’t wait for all of the surprises European houses hold. Like, “This place doesn’t come with an oven?”, or “I suppose you could squeeze a bed in there”, or “Why must all the toilets be square?”. It’s not sarcasm; I really am pumped for the experience. And why wouldn’t I be? I get to live in Germany, and finding an apartment makes it that much more of a reality!

Even though I’ve only just started this blog and don’t have any followers, I plan to keep my “readers” informed about the whole process, down to every culture-clashing detail. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Leipzig!

  1. Breadcrumbs Guide says:

    I love that you started a blog to document your expat adventures! Can’t wait to hear about your “house hunters international” experience. That show is my guilty pleasure and so addicting.

    Let’s hear it for biomedical engineering travel bloggers! That’s not a combo you’d expect to see a lot of!


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