Minor adjustments to an old routine

Welcome to a new section of the blog I call “Craig’s Quandaries.” My husband wanted the opportunity to share his foibles with you, but doesn’t have the time to write them himself. Therefore, I will be the voice of his mishaps, sharing the little details of his days that caused him issues, but later made us laugh. Here it goes!

Craig has been living out of different hotels for about 4 months now. First in LA, then Brussels, then Leipzig. This new way of living hasn’t been conducive to cooking meals, so he’s been going out to eat a lot. The combination of eating highly caloric foods and sitting in a cubicle for hours was starting to make him feel sluggish, so he started a workout routine. While in LA, he would hit the hotel gym, running a couple miles on the treadmill and lifting some weights. He did this daily. When he transferred to Brussels, he was in the same type of hotel situation, so he wanted to keep up with his routine. Entering the gym for the first time, he was pleased to see that his new hotel had the exact same treadmill machine. He jumped on the treadmill, put in his regular settings, and went for a run. He was feeling great. Really great. He finished quickly and barely broke a sweat. The daily routine was really paying off! Next, he switched to weights. As he lifted, there was more resistance than he had expected. He didn’t think much of it, as he was using a slightly different machine than normal, so he just lightened the load and continued his routine. He left feeling very good about himself.

It wasn’t until two whole days later that it dawned on him why his run felt so easy but his weightlifting seemed so strenuous. Metric units! While he thought he was running 2 miles, he had only run 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). The weights were labeled in kilograms, so he was initially attempting to lift more than double what he was used to! (Silly Craig.)

It’s these little things that you don’t really think of when moving across the pond. While Craig was relieved to see the familiar machines and leave the world of confusing cultural differences just for a short while, there he was, bombarded by challenges once again. Some days, it can seem like everything is a struggle, but you have to realize that it’s all in the name of immersing yourself in another culture. Will you feel foolish? Probably. Will you have a good laugh about it later? Hopefully.


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