Moving out!

Last week we had movers over to the apartment to pack up our shipment to Germany! I’ve never had professional movers before, but I think it was such a flawless, streamlined process that I don’t know if I could ever again move without them.

In the weeks before the crew arrived, I had been doing my best to organize our things into several piles – one for the sea shipment to Germany, one for long-term storage in the US, one for necessary items in the interim before our shipment arrives (it takes 4-8 weeks!), and one for donations. I had carved out some areas so I was able to still live in the organized mess I was creating.

DSC_0294 DSC_0296

I had spent a lot of time doing this, which I’m sure the movers appreciated, because they barely asked me any questions about what needed to go where. However, this made it incredibly awkward for me on the day of the move. I had to be present to oversee the operation, but I couldn’t help pack anything (insurance reasons), so all I could do was sit there trying to make awkward small talk with the movers and stay out of their way.

The moving company arrived shortly after 8 am and immediately got to work disassembling, wrapping, and boxing every tiny thing we own. It was amazing. Whereas I would sit there for 5 minutes pondering every item’s significance before I packed it, the movers efficiently packed everything in the pile without judgement.

DSC_0303 DSC_0307

Soon all of the piles were gone, and all that was left were boxes and furniture. The crew started loading up the truck and invited me to come outside to check it out.


Not only was there a truck, but a railway shipping container they called “the can.” OK, it was only half a shipping container, but still pretty cool.

DSC_0328 DSC_0329

The crew members were nice enough to let me have a look inside.

DSC_0343 DSC_0326

It was pretty much as you would expect, a big open vessel, but I was still geeking out about it. I headed back upstairs and found they were working on packing the furniture. As an engineer myself, I had a profound appreciation for their ability to make efficient use of space.

DSC_0323 DSC_0325

Though, some things were awkwardly shaped and were packed almost comically. Can you guess what this is?

DSC_0310 DSC_0309

Before I knew it, everything was boxed up/wrapped up and being loaded onto the truck.


When all was said and done, it took about 6 hours and we only filled about half the can. One of the crew members explained to me how after everything is packed, they build a structure out of wood to keep it all firmly in place. Because, unlike a truck or rail shipment, a sea shipment experiences acceleration in all directions, so they need to inhibit any movement to prevent damaging our stuff. The crew said their good-byes, and I expressed my gratitude for all of their help. All that was left to do was to say “auf wiedersehen” to our things. Enjoy the journey to Duluth and through the St. Lawrence Seaway! (And please, God, make it to Germany safely.)


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