Prague: Come for the architecture, stay for the beer!


*Full disclosure: I don’t actually know anything about architecture other than old things look pretty. I got all of my architectural facts from Wikipedia. 

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Speedy Craigzales

I’ve been in Leipzig for just over a month now, and I was sincerely hoping I’d have some of my own blunders to share with you, but unfortunately nothing all that exciting or embarrassing has happened to me yet. Luckily, even though Craig has been in the country for a few months now, he’s still managing to experience some quandaries.

A couple weeks ago Craig received a little something special in the mail from the German government… Craig Ticket…a speeding ticket!

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It’s SPARGEL season!

Soon after I arrived to Leipzig I began to notice something mysterious popping up in the markets and the locals going absolutely crazy over it. Spargel! Everywhere I would look – Spargel!

What is it? You’ve probably seen it before. It’s the thick white asparagus that you find in the supermarkets in America and think to yourself, “who buys this overpriced specialty vegetable?” Answer: the Germans.

Mounded as high as you can see, spargel is everywhere:


Spargel on display

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