Interview with an Expat: Allane Milliane – a Brazilian in Germany

Today’s Interview with an Expat is with Brazilian blogger Allane Milliane.


Allane is the genius mind behind the successful blog Packing My Suitcase. In just one year of blogging she has managed to rack up an impressive 7,000 followers! I’m not surprised – her content is gold. I first landed upon her blog when I was looking for insights on German culture and found quite a few gems such as When in Germany, do as the Germans do; Tips for integrating with the Germans; and How I changed after moving to Germany. Originally from Brazil, Allane is currently living in Munich with her German husband “W” and dog Enzzo, which gives her a very unique perspective on German living. In addition to her German cultural material, Allane also offers travel tips for visiting just about anywhere in the world (but especially her hometown of Munich) and pointers for traveling with a canine companion! (Yes, that’s a dog pun.) I whole-heartedly encourage you to visit her blog and lean on her vast travel knowledge to help plan your own trip around the world!

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