A taste of German Music – 2015 hits!

Have you ever wondered what radio sounds like in another country? Here in Germany, we’ve found that it’s actually pretty similar to the US. They have morning shows with ridiculous personalities, frequent news and traffic reports, and far too many commercials. When it comes to the music, the song selection is surprisingly (or not surprisingly) similar to the US, except with the addition of some curiously entertaining German-language songs. I’ve selected my favorite German tunes from the year to share with you below.


Wolker 4 (Cloud 4) by Philipp Ditberner and Marv

Let’s start with Craig’s favorite song, a catchy tune that he referred to as the “ganz allein” song because those were the only 2 words of the song that he could understand during his first few months spent in Germany.

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A short trip to Düsseldorf, Germany!

In our recent trip to Cologne, we also made a stop at nearby Düsseldorf to see the amazing architecture. We started our adventure along the Rhine at the Düsseldorf Christmas markets! Compared to Cologne’s markets, I’d personally say it was lacking, but I didn’t have time to see it all (or at night when the magic happens).


Christmas Market Ferris wheel in the background

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Travel Diary: Rome!

I love Rome! This year I visited for the first time, and I completely understand why it is such a large tourist attraction. Ancient Rome is EVERYWHERE within the city, and it’s so easy to lose yourself on the romantic cobblestone streets.

In my recent post on Rome’s delicious food, I intentionally left out which of the sights to see because, let’s face it, everyone already knows what Rome is famous for. Despite that, I don’t see any reason not to share my photos of this beautiful, captivating city!


The Colosseum – check!


The Colosseum with our travel buddies!

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How to eat your way through Rome


I visited Rome for a week and left with the best souvenir possible – a full belly!

No, seriously, my husband and I joked that we both came back with “Italy belly,” that extra 10 pounds you gain from blissfully indulging in Roman fare. Don’t be ashamed – it’s all part of immersing yourself in the culture (at least, that’s what Eat Pray Love taught me).

Italy is obviously known for its amazing food, and Rome is no exception. But what exactly should you eat, and where should you get it??

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That time my husband and I became football hooligans at the RB Leipzig game!

This past weekend Craig and I attended our first professional sporting event in Leipzig – a soccer (football) game! We watched the Leipzig Red Bulls (sponsored by Red Bull) take on the Duisburg Zebras!


This was my first time ever attending a soccer game, and I didn’t know what to expect. Unlike many sporting events I’ve attended, the crowds were roaring the WHOLE time! Not a moment was silent as the Leipzig cheering section waved their flags, sang their songs, and performed coordinated crowd dances. Honestly, watching the cheers was just as entertaining, if not more entertaining, than the game itself.

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Christmas (market) time is here!

All over the world, people have started getting into the Christmas spirit. In Germany, especially, this is done through the festive Christmas Markets known as Weihnachtsmarkt, which coincide with the observation of Advent.

Essentially, you can think of a Christmas Market as a cross between a state fair (think fried foods and small carnival rides), an arts and crafts event (think hand-woven mittens and knick-knacks for your kitchen), a beer garden (that serves mostly warm wine and spiked cocoa), and a winter wonderland!

Not to be missed are the candied nuts and Glühwein (mulled wine). To be missed: my Christmas nemesis – Eierpunsch (egg punch) – which literally tastes like hot alcohol derived from egg, not the eggnog I was expecting.


Mmm candied nuts.

This past weekend Craig and I went to visit one of the top-rated Christmas Markets in the world in Cologne, Germany! Cologne has a ton to see  – with 7 markets in total – and definitely lives up to the hype. Continue reading