Travel Diary: Rome!

I love Rome! This year I visited for the first time, and I completely understand why it is such a large tourist attraction. Ancient Rome is EVERYWHERE within the city, and it’s so easy to lose yourself on the romantic cobblestone streets.

In my recent post on Rome’s delicious food, I intentionally left out which of the sights to see because, let’s face it, everyone already knows what Rome is famous for. Despite that, I don’t see any reason not to share my photos of this beautiful, captivating city!


The Colosseum – check!


The Colosseum with our travel buddies!


Captivating city streets




Castel Sant’Angelo


The only street scam that doesn’t make me angry – a lady put live birds on Craig and asked us to pay money to take his picture with them. The funny part was that Craig didn’t realize they were real birds until right before this picture was snapped.


Our disappointment when the Trevi Fountain was closed! (As of this posting, it should be re-opened)


The Pantheon! Oh my, was it beautiful!


Our favorite Roman activity – watching the chaos of traffic at the roundabout near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We saw many close calls as pedicabs, motorcycles, and cars all converged on the roundabout and split off in different directions.


Sampling balsamic vinaigrette on our food tour with Eating Italy


The amazing Roman Forum that takes you back 2000 years


More of the Forum ruins. It’s so old, yet still so incredibly sophisticated.


Vatican City behind the Sant’Angelo Bridge


Murals in the Vatican Museum


Thanks for being awesome travel partners, friends!

Rome was absolutely lovely, and I can’t wait to return. Until next time!

What is your favorite sight to see in Rome?


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