The Spanish Steps in Rome are a big waste of time

I have no idea why the Spanish Steps have made it to any list of places to see in Rome. So here, I’ll spare you the time and show you exactly what it looks like.


It’s a tourist haven with countless people and a GIANT ADVERTISEMENT FOR PERFUME! OK, maybe the Versace ad has since been taken down (I visited in September), but this is really just a free market for pick-pocketers and people peddling selfie-sticks. I’m not sure I see the appeal.


Oh man, I’m definitely faking that smile.

I mean, sure, we look good, but what kind of a backdrop is that???


Needless to say, the view was a bit of a disappointment. I suppose the only silver lining is that once you pass the tourists and make your way up the hill, you can get a few good shots of the city skyline … just watch your valuables as you do so.


Ahhh, much happier.

What was the most disappointing sight you’ve gone to see in your travels? Share your story in the comments! 


One thought on “The Spanish Steps in Rome are a big waste of time

  1. daphne says:

    Oh wow… thanks for the expose. I was only able to spend a bit of time in Spain, with full intent of seeing more of the country… but now I can strike this off my itinerary and focus on seeing sights a little less overrun!

    As for most disappointing sight, I’d have to say Jiufen, Taiwan. I went because I’d heard it was an enchanting town that the beautiful movie Spirited Away was based on… but it has the same issue as the Spanish Steps. There were too many tourists for the narrow lanes of the otherwise beautiful city, so it was difficult to enjoy it. I enjoyed the cat village an hour away much better.


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