A short trip to Düsseldorf, Germany!

In our recent trip to Cologne, we also made a stop at nearby Düsseldorf to see the amazing architecture. We started our adventure along the Rhine at the Düsseldorf Christmas markets! Compared to Cologne’s markets, I’d personally say it was lacking, but I didn’t have time to see it all (or at night when the magic happens).


Christmas Market Ferris wheel in the background

We next ventured out to the Media Harbor to see the grand (and odd) architecture by Frank Gehry, the same guy who designed the Dancing House in Prague.




….Prague! See the similarities?


And then there were other strange buildings decorated by …Gecko men?


Unfortunately, we were only in Düsseldorf for a limited time and didn’t get to see much more than this, but what a beautiful December day it turned out to be!


Until next time!

Have you ever traveled to Düsseldorf? What else is there to see and do? 


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