A taste of German Music – 2015 hits!

Have you ever wondered what radio sounds like in another country? Here in Germany, we’ve found that it’s actually pretty similar to the US. They have morning shows with ridiculous personalities, frequent news and traffic reports, and far too many commercials. When it comes to the music, the song selection is surprisingly (or not surprisingly) similar to the US, except with the addition of some curiously entertaining German-language songs. I’ve selected my favorite German tunes from the year to share with you below.


Wolker 4 (Cloud 4) by Philipp Ditberner and Marv

Let’s start with Craig’s favorite song, a catchy tune that he referred to as the “ganz allein” song because those were the only 2 words of the song that he could understand during his first few months spent in Germany.


Geiles Leben (Wicked Life) by Glasperlenspiel

Next we have a catchy song that starts slowly but it builds, I promise.


Herz über Kopf (Heart over Head) by JORIS

If you’re looking for the German equivalent to Mumford and Sons, I think we’ve found it in “Herz über Kopf.” Craig especially liked this song as he was learning the parts of the body in German.


Lieblingsmensch (Favorite Person) by Namika

Next is a bubblegum pop song, with a simple tune that’s sure to get stuck in your head.


Astronaut by SiDo

And finally we have a German rap song, because, well, it’s impressive how they can get all those consonants out.

Did I miss any? What are your favorite non-English songs from 2015?


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