The best of the Holy Land: The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is quite possibly one of the coolest places on earth. If you travel to Israel or Jordan, you absolutely MUST visit and go for a swim in the Dead Sea! Not swimming is not an option! We went in winter and felt fine. Plus, there’s really no risk of drowning because you CAN’T SINK.

As a scientist, I understand the physics behind why you float in the Dead Sea, but I admit I was still skeptical! I did my best to actually TRY to allow myself to go under the water, like wrapping myself up into a ball, or forming a perfectly straight pencil, but nothing worked. You just can’t sink – and that sensation is remarkable!


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The best of the Holy Land: Tel Aviv – Yafo



Tel Aviv-Yafo (or just Tel Aviv for short) is a city on the Mediterranean coast of Israel covered in beaches and high-rises. Tel Aviv is the second largest city of Israel and is home to many different religions and ethnicities. The city is full of culture and history, but embraces a modern and hip lifestyle. Although better suited for life than tourism, there is still plenty to see in do in this middle eastern metropolis!


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Visiting Poland’s Crooked Forest

Living in eastern Germany, we are so close the the Polish border, yet it still took us over a year before we visited Poland! Craig had been bugging me for MONTHS, always jokingly asking, “I’m bored; wanna go to Poland?” Finally, on one fateful weekend, we went.

With very little research conducted on the country, we set our sights on Poland’s Crooked Forest…because we saw it in this Buzzfeed article.


The real name of the Crooked Forest: “Krzywy Las”

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