Visiting Poland’s Crooked Forest

Living in eastern Germany, we are so close the the Polish border, yet it still took us over a year before we visited Poland! Craig had been bugging me for MONTHS, always jokingly asking, “I’m bored; wanna go to Poland?” Finally, on one fateful weekend, we went.

With very little research conducted on the country, we set our sights on Poland’s Crooked Forest…because we saw it in this Buzzfeed article.


The real name of the Crooked Forest: “Krzywy Las”

The Crooked Forest, as the name implies, is a forest of trees that grew in crooked. I guess there’s a bit of a mystery behind why the trees grew the way they did, but most scientists agree that it is a man-made phenomenon. The only problem was we expected a forest of ~400 trees (as we had read), and it was more like a small patch of 20-30 trees surrounded by roughly the same number of tourists.


…but it’s pretty, right?

After driving roughly 3.5 hours to see the “forest,” it was a bit of a disappointment. There were far fewer trees  than we expected, and the crooked patch was roughly 100 meters away from an apartment complex and a sewage pipe. But, we made the most of it and we did the only thing there is to do in forest – snap pictures!

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The trip wasn’t bad, though. We had fun with the trees and ended up staying the night 40 minutes north in Szczecin, a Polish port city on the Baltic sea. The city had an authentic feel with some AMAZING Polish restaurants and bars. The food there was super affordable and the portions were huge! We loved the Stara Komenda Brewery enough to eat and drink there twice in one short weekend and the vast Polish vodka selection at Karczma Polska Pod Kogutem (the food looked good too, but we were too full from the first place!)

After an evening of gallivanting in the forest and responsible drinking, the night took a strange, tipsy turn. We ended up in a night club beneath our hotel (Hotel Victoria) that, I swear, catered to people 60 and up! (Either that or we somehow arrived on swingers’ night…we’ll never know.) And even though we didn’t speak the language, the locals took us under their wings and showed us how to get down like we just got our hips replaced!

Oh Poland, what a magical place! We’ll certainly be back!

Where’s the most off-the-beaten-path place you’ve ever traveled? Share with us!


5 thoughts on “Visiting Poland’s Crooked Forest

  1. mytravelingjoys says:

    Ha ha…well at least you made lemonade out of potential lemons! Poland is really under-rated and has some beautiful places! When we lived there, we said Poland’s tourism model should be Poland…not that bad! 😉 The food and drink is cheap and the locals can be friendly.


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