Travel Diary: Bavaria!

In true American style, we took a 4 hour road trip from Leipzig to Munich to see as much as we could of Bavaria in just a day and a half (most Europeans would consider us crazy for this). In our defense, we actually traveled there to meet up with our good friend from graduate school who happened to be in Europe on business. Here are a few photos from the trip!


Catching up over a German beer.


The city of Fussen!


The Fussen “Schneeball” (snowball) – buttery dough covered in sweetness! Recommended!


A picturesque church near Neuschwanstein, the famous Bavarian castle!


It was a bit hazy that day, but we were able to see the castle!


Friends at Neuschanstein!


Up close and personal with the castle.



2016-03-12 18.44.44

After the afternoon was spent hiking up to the castle, we traveled to Munich for Lowenbrau’s Stark Beer Festival! (Like Octoberfest with only locals…and us.)

2016-03-12 19.04.35

Enjoying some Starkbier (strong beer) with regional music in the background!


Beautiful Munich! Too bad we only got to see the city for a couple hours.

If you do get the chance, I definitely recommend going to the Starkbier festival, held in Munich every March/April. It was a blast, but make sure to pack your lederhosen! We felt quite foolish in our street clothes 😉

Until next time, Bavaria!

What should I be sure to visit the next time I go to Munich? Let me know in the comments!


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