Thank you, fans

Dear fans of Live Laugh Leipzig:

As you may have noticed, my page has been inactive for some time. Unfortunately, as is the fate of most blogs, they don’t come to an end with a bang, but rather with a trickle of neglect. I admit it – I was too busy enjoying my expat life to come to the keyboard and write, and I’m sorry for ghosting out on you.

This past summer I moved from Leipzig, Germany to repatriate to America with my husband and a pregnant belly. On August 27th, 2018 our son Aaron was born. Aaron arrived healthy, but 11 weeks earlier than expected. His lungs were underdeveloped from being born prematurely, so he was placed on a ventilator to ensure he was receiving enough oxygen. After seven weeks of holding our son and visiting him daily in the hospital, Aaron’s lungs gave out and he passed away in his father’s arms. He was surrounded by nothing but love in his life and in his untimely death. My husband and I have been devastated at losing our wonderful, sweet son and confronting the reality of living life without him.

In becoming parents, we were instantly filled with so much loving energy – the type of energy that allows you to get up at 6 different times during the night to feed and comfort a crying child; the type of energy that gives you tender patience to deal with endless tantrums; the type of energy that gives you the endurance to ensure your child not only survives, but thrives for 18+ years – but, with Aaron gone, we suddenly had nowhere to direct this energy. So, we decided to channel our love in the most positive way – to build a community playground in Aaron’s memory where local kids can play and grow like Aaron never could.

If you have been touched or humored or fascinated by the musings on my blog, Live Laugh Leipzig, I humbly as that you consider making a donation to help Aaron’s memorial playground become a reality. He was a strong, loving boy with the most vibrant eyes and a gentle soul. And I will miss him immensely.

To donate, please visit our GoFundMe page.

For more information on the project or to read my new blog on dealing with infant loss visit

Thank you for everything.

❤ Becky