Interview with an Expat: Kate – a Canadian in Spain!

Welcome to my latest installment of “Interview with an Expat,” this time featuring Kate from Petite Adventures!

Kate is a Canadian girl with ample wanderlust who just moved to Madrid! In her blog she recounts stories from her travel all over the world including Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Finland! Let me be among the first to welcome Kate to the Expat life! Read on to see how she’s handling her first couple months.


Meet Kate!

Hi Kate! Help us get to know your expat story. Why did you become an expat, how long have you lived as an expat, and why did you choose to live in Madrid? Have you ever lived in another country before?

Hi! I’m relatively new to the expat world as we just moved to Spain in October 2015. After a few years of working the traditional 9-to-5, my boyfriend and I were looking for something different, so he decided to go back to school and I decided to go on an adventure. After a few months of weighing our options, we settled on Madrid because the program was the right fit for my boyfriend and we’d have ample opportunities to travel throughout Spain and Europe. Another factor was the weather in Madrid; we’re very happy to be experiencing a winter where the temperature has been closer to +20°C than -20°C

This is my first time living outside of Canada – while the Spanish culture is quite different I’m enjoying the process of learning a new language and adapting to a whole new way of life. I won’t lie, sometimes it’s hard and a bit frustrating, but overall, the good outweighs the bad.

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Interview with an Expat: Allane Milliane – a Brazilian in Germany

Today’s Interview with an Expat is with Brazilian blogger Allane Milliane.


Allane is the genius mind behind the successful blog Packing My Suitcase. In just one year of blogging she has managed to rack up an impressive 7,000 followers! I’m not surprised – her content is gold. I first landed upon her blog when I was looking for insights on German culture and found quite a few gems such as When in Germany, do as the Germans do; Tips for integrating with the Germans; and How I changed after moving to Germany. Originally from Brazil, Allane is currently living in Munich with her German husband “W” and dog Enzzo, which gives her a very unique perspective on German living. In addition to her German cultural material, Allane also offers travel tips for visiting just about anywhere in the world (but especially her hometown of Munich) and pointers for traveling with a canine companion! (Yes, that’s a dog pun.) I whole-heartedly encourage you to visit her blog and lean on her vast travel knowledge to help plan your own trip around the world!

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Interview with an Expat: Lies Veldeman – a Belgian in the UK

My latest Interview with an Expat features Lies Veldeman.

Lies' first week in the UK

Lies in the UK

Lies is a Belgian native who has lived as an expat in London for the last 7 years. She is an avid traveler and has ventured to 23 different countries on 4 different continents! She runs a successful, and might I add beautiful, blog called Non Stop Destination. On her blog she writes about her crazy adventures like working on an archaeological dig in Dorset, caring for elephants in Thailand, and paragliding in Cape Town!

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Interview with an Expat: Craig Markovitz – an American in Germany

I’ve started a new section of the blog called “Interview with an Expat.” This way, you can hear more perspectives on expat life than just my own.

My first subject is a handsome fellow from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who just spent 5 months in Belgium and Germany and is currently on a whirlwind trip around the US. You guessed it! It’s my husband Craig, the proud subject of my Craig’s Quandaries posts!


Here’s what he had to say during his first trip home:

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