How to eat your way through Rome


I visited Rome for a week and left with the best souvenir possible – a full belly!

No, seriously, my husband and I joked that we both came back with “Italy belly,” that extra 10 pounds you gain from blissfully indulging in Roman fare. Don’t be ashamed – it’s all part of immersing yourself in the culture (at least, that’s what Eat Pray Love taught me).

Italy is obviously known for its amazing food, and Rome is no exception. But what exactly should you eat, and where should you get it??

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Celebrating the holidays away from home

Probably THE MOST challenging thing about moving abroad is realizing that you will inevitably miss out on some big events back home. I’ve been living in Leipzig for only 5 months, and I’ve already missed out on countless weddings, birthdays, holidays, and reunions. This week I was due to miss out on one of my favorite American holidays, Thanksgiving.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Thanksgiving is a secular holiday to gather together with family and express gratitude for what you have by stuffing your faces with a bountiful feast. While I did miss out on family time, and Craig had to work during the day, we were still able to celebrate in our own way by (me) preparing a mini-feast for a small gathering with friends.

Some of the classic Thanksgiving food items were hard to find in Germany, such as cranberry sauce (but who needs it anyway?), pecans (available, but ridiculously expensive), and canned pumpkin, but we made do with what was available and managed to pull off a hearty harvest-themed dinner.

What was on the menu? 

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Baking with Becky: Brownies!

Ever since I arrived in Germany, I have been very curious about products marketed as “American.” For instance, I’ve seen American dressing (I think it’s thousand island?), American peanut butter, American cookies, and American brownies. So I wondered, what is the German take on American foods?

To answer this question, I had to put on my apron.

I came across an innocuous box of brownies adorned with an American flag and decided to test for myself how American they tasted. DSC_0522

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