Day/weekend trips from Leipzig

Looking for a new adventure? Of course there is plenty to do IN Leipzig, but if you want to get away, you don’t have to travel far to find something to do! So where can you go?

1. Berlin

Located only 2 hours from Leipzig, the capital of Germany has so much to offer. Read here on how to get there!


The Reichstag Building at dusk


  • Visit Brandenburg Gate
  • Tour the Reichstag Building (reservation required!)
  • View the street art at the East Side Gallery

Something a little different:

  • Sing/watch karaoke at Mauerpark (on Sundays)
  • Check out Berlin’s overgrown and abandoned amusement park, Spreepark
  • Grab your non-claustrophobic friends and keep your wits trying to escape a locked room within 60 minutes at The Room

Special events:

  • See the annual Festival of Lights where famous structures are illuminated to showcase the vibrant city (in October)

Brandenburg gate lit up for the Festival of Lights (2015)


2. Potsdam

Located just on the outskirts of Berlin, many people don’t even think of it as a separate city, but Potsdam has a lot of unique features to offer.


Castle at Sanssouci


  • Tour Sanssouci Park, a UNESCO world heritage site of Prussian castles and gardens
  • Visit Cecilienhof Palace, the historically significant location of the WWII summit meeting between Truman, Churchill, and Stalin (cost €8)

Something a little different:

  • Have a look at the Einstein Tower, a functional solar observation tower used to study Einstein’s theory of relativity

Special events:

  • Attend Schlössernacht (Castle Night), a one night event where the castles of Sanssouci are lit up and the night comes alive with music and theater (in August)

Ladies of the Schloessernacht


3. Dresden

Leipzig’s neighbor to the east, the capital of Saxony is known for its opulence and rich history. Located just an hour and a half from Leipzig, Dresden is a must-see for all Leipzigers!


The Old Town of Dresden


  • Tour the old town on your own, or schedule a guided walking tour (I recommend DresdenWalks, cost €12)
  • Go inside the famed Lutheran Church of Our Lady
  • Walk within the Zwingergarten, the courtyard of the royals (seriously, don’t miss this)


Something a little different:

  • Have a look at the Porcelain Museum at Zwingergarten and learn more about the history of the so-called “white gold” (cost €6)
  • Hike around the nearby “Saxonian Switzerland,” a national park with massive rock formations overlooking the Elbe river

Special events:


4. Erfurt

This small town is an hour and a half southwest of Leipzig and boasts a few spectacular sights.


The Merchants’ Bridge


Something a little different:

  • Visit the statue of Bernd das Brot, the cult character that is literally a puppet of a piece of bread

Look for this crazy character… not the one in the blue stripes.

Special events:


5. Weimar

While visiting Erfurt, pop on over to nearby Weimar to see the city that was the center of German Enlightenment.


Something a little different:


Special events:

  • The Weimar Onion Market, an annual festival dedicated to the versatile and decorative onion (in October)


Happy travels!

Leipzigers: what other cities would you like to see featured?

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