The best of the Holy Land: The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is quite possibly one of the coolest places on earth. If you travel to Israel or Jordan, you absolutely MUST visit and go for a swim in the Dead Sea! Not swimming is not an option! We went in winter and felt fine. Plus, there’s really no risk of drowning because you CAN’T SINK.

As a scientist, I understand the physics behind why you float in the Dead Sea, but I admit I was still skeptical! I did my best to actually TRY to allow myself to go under the water, like wrapping myself up into a ball, or forming a perfectly straight pencil, but nothing worked. You just can’t sink – and that sensation is remarkable!


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The best of the Holy Land: Tel Aviv – Yafo



Tel Aviv-Yafo (or just Tel Aviv for short) is a city on the Mediterranean coast of Israel covered in beaches and high-rises. Tel Aviv is the second largest city of Israel and is home to many different religions and ethnicities. The city is full of culture and history, but embraces a modern and hip lifestyle. Although better suited for life than tourism, there is still plenty to see in do in this middle eastern metropolis!


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Visiting Poland’s Crooked Forest

Living in eastern Germany, we are so close the the Polish border, yet it still took us over a year before we visited Poland! Craig had been bugging me for MONTHS, always jokingly asking, “I’m bored; wanna go to Poland?” Finally, on one fateful weekend, we went.

With very little research conducted on the country, we set our sights on Poland’s Crooked Forest…because we saw it in this Buzzfeed article.


The real name of the Crooked Forest: “Krzywy Las”

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Visiting eclectic Amsterdam!


After thinking very hard about how to describe my trip to Amsterdam, I think the only way I can describe it is “eclectic.”

ECLECTIC  [ih-klek-tik]
1. selecting or choosing from various sources.
2. made up of what is selected from different sources.
3. not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

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Interview with an Expat: Kate – a Canadian in Spain!

Welcome to my latest installment of “Interview with an Expat,” this time featuring Kate from Petite Adventures!

Kate is a Canadian girl with ample wanderlust who just moved to Madrid! In her blog she recounts stories from her travel all over the world including Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Finland! Let me be among the first to welcome Kate to the Expat life! Read on to see how she’s handling her first couple months.


Meet Kate!

Hi Kate! Help us get to know your expat story. Why did you become an expat, how long have you lived as an expat, and why did you choose to live in Madrid? Have you ever lived in another country before?

Hi! I’m relatively new to the expat world as we just moved to Spain in October 2015. After a few years of working the traditional 9-to-5, my boyfriend and I were looking for something different, so he decided to go back to school and I decided to go on an adventure. After a few months of weighing our options, we settled on Madrid because the program was the right fit for my boyfriend and we’d have ample opportunities to travel throughout Spain and Europe. Another factor was the weather in Madrid; we’re very happy to be experiencing a winter where the temperature has been closer to +20°C than -20°C

This is my first time living outside of Canada – while the Spanish culture is quite different I’m enjoying the process of learning a new language and adapting to a whole new way of life. I won’t lie, sometimes it’s hard and a bit frustrating, but overall, the good outweighs the bad.

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A taste of German Music – 2015 hits!

Have you ever wondered what radio sounds like in another country? Here in Germany, we’ve found that it’s actually pretty similar to the US. They have morning shows with ridiculous personalities, frequent news and traffic reports, and far too many commercials. When it comes to the music, the song selection is surprisingly (or not surprisingly) similar to the US, except with the addition of some curiously entertaining German-language songs. I’ve selected my favorite German tunes from the year to share with you below.


Wolker 4 (Cloud 4) by Philipp Ditberner and Marv

Let’s start with Craig’s favorite song, a catchy tune that he referred to as the “ganz allein” song because those were the only 2 words of the song that he could understand during his first few months spent in Germany.

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Travel Diary: Rome!

I love Rome! This year I visited for the first time, and I completely understand why it is such a large tourist attraction. Ancient Rome is EVERYWHERE within the city, and it’s so easy to lose yourself on the romantic cobblestone streets.

In my recent post on Rome’s delicious food, I intentionally left out which of the sights to see because, let’s face it, everyone already knows what Rome is famous for. Despite that, I don’t see any reason not to share my photos of this beautiful, captivating city!


The Colosseum – check!


The Colosseum with our travel buddies!

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